Our contribution to a
greener future.
For people and nature.

Buildings are a major contributor to CO2 emissions and resource consumption worldwide. There is no doubt that buildings play a crucial role in mitigating the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis. With our portfolio of properties and homes in operation and our development projects, Stensdal Group has a responsibility to minimize our climate footprint and be a responsible workplace.

Sustainability reporting

Dive into Stensdal Group's first sustainability report via the link below:

Responsibility for a better climate. Inside and out.

Transparency and an ambitious ESG effort with four strategic focus areas will ensure our progress towards a reduced footprint and increased social responsibility.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Space for bees and flowers

A workplace with heart space

Partnerships for action

Our approach is

The mapping and reporting of our CO2e emissions according to the GhG protocol forms the basis for our strategic approach to sustainability reporting. The knowledge of our direct and indirect emissions enables us to identify the most important areas of action for Stensdal Group in reducing the climate footprint of our property portfolio. With a data-driven approach, we can map and utilize our carbon reduction opportunities in the best possible way and report our sustainability initiatives and results transparently and based on real data.

Reduced CO2 emissions

With a portfolio of commercial and residential properties in operation, one of our most important climate efforts is to reduce energy and CO2 emissions in our properties. We do this by working strategically with energy label improvements and certified sustainable housing. The efforts also include close dialog and advice to our tenants so that they also work to reduce their energy consumption in their leases.

Space for bees and flowers

We cannot talk about climate crisis without talking about biodiversity crisis, as the consequences are far greater. There is less and less space for wild nature and habitats for bees and other insect species, and at the same time we are depleting our resource stocks. Nature needs to be in balance, and if we restore the balance of biodiversity, we will also improve the climate crisis. We work with two focus areas related to biodiversity: embracing the footprint we have, looking into our supply chain and working towards a more circular and sustainable use of resources. At the same time, we need to give back to nature, which is expressed through the redesign of outdoor areas and making space for nature around our properties.

A workplace with heart space

We want good people to thrive here. That's what determines our success.
We focus on responsible business management and creating a safe and secure environment. This is not only for our own employees, but throughout our value chain. We follow the trends in society and are constantly working on new initiatives that will help strengthen our ambitions to be a responsible workplace that creates a safe roof over your head.

We invest in partnerships that drive action

At Stensdal Group, we cannot solve the major climate and societal challenges we face alone. We believe that investing in relevant partnerships helps inspire and encourage local and national action for a greener and more sustainable future.

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