From drab and demolition-ready commercial properties to the neighborhood's most attractive

We own and lease more than 150,000 m² of commercial real estate in Greater Copenhagen. In areas with good accessibility and infrastructure. Location is key, and we are very conscious of this when buying properties for the portfolio. Many of them can be optimized, which is a more sustainable strategy than tearing down and building new. That's why, for more than 30 years, we've made it one of our specialties to transform sad and often demolition-ready properties into attractive properties geared for the future.

As with everything, it's a matter of choice. If you want to hear our approach to how we energy renovate and transform commercial properties to be as good as new, get in touch.

From property in sad disrepair...

For complete renovation of the interior and exterior...

An eye-catcher for the whole neighborhood.

Vallensbækvej 45
2605 Brøndby, Denmark



From non-performing property to top marks in design and energy label

A clear example of this is our 3,655 m2 commercial property on Vallensbækvej 45 in Ragnesminde in Brøndby, which we took over back in 2019. Soon after we took over the property, we started a complete renovation of the basement, ground floor and 1st floor. With the property's many clean lines, the ambition from the start was to maintain the simple and aesthetic expression. With the conscious choice of materials and design, this has also contributed to the property's energy label, which has gone from energy label D at takeover to A2010 in spring 2023. The black pearl - with the green profile - is one of the properties you notice, which also makes it even more attractive to put your company logo on, as the property is right next to the Holbæk motorway and its 90,000 daily passers-by.

A property in rapid development

The property at Lundtoftegårdsvej 95-97 in Kongens Lyngby is the latest addition to our growing real estate portfolio. A refurbishment is currently underway to optimize the façade and modernize the tenancies in the property with more open office spaces. The ambition is to create an attractive multi-user property that offers both large and small leases consisting of both offices and warehouses. Lundtoftegårdsvej should be a pleasure to come to work, which is why we are in the process of establishing an inviting staff restaurant and setting up training facilities with showers and changing rooms.

With an A2010 energy label, the property fits perfectly into our existing and growing portfolio of energy renovated properties. To add to the property's green profile and as part of our ESG efforts, the plan is also to expand the already established rainwater basin with plants and wild nature around it to enhance biodiversity in the area.

Lundtoftegårdsvej 95-97
2800 Kgs. Lyngby



Holbæk Motorway's most beautiful facade in funkiss style

If you had seen this property when we took it over, most people would have predicted a future where the building would have been demolished. But we saw potential and a hidden gem hiding behind the sad facades. It turned out to require a lot of love, but it has also resulted in us being able to say that Vallensbækvej 47 is without a doubt the most impressive commercial property in the Ragnesminde business district. The result has also meant that many of our guests point out that it looks like new construction. On a daily basis, we ourselves are located on the first floor of the property, and in addition, we have several fantastic tenants in the property who go about their daily business in a rather unique setting, if you ask us.

Vallensbækvej 47
2605 Brøndby, Denmark



Søborg is home to a striking property that takes every visitor by storm

The original brickwork has of course been preserved, and together with the black window profiles, this is one of those properties on Gladsaxevej in Søborg whose characteristics you can't help but notice. The 3,659 m2 commercial property appeared as a classic office building with blue carpets and many small and closed cell offices. Later, we transformed it by letting the light in and welcoming the familiar Stensdal style inside at the same time. With a timeless and aesthetic look, including oiled finger parquet floors, glass walls, ventilation systems and a stylish kitchen, the property's characteristic exterior has been given the interior it deserves. Attached to the office part of the building is an extension that serves as a wholesale shop and warehouse. Naturally, this part has also been transformed to give customers the right experience on arrival.

Gladsaxevej 342-354
2860 Søborg



Our take on a Hans Christian Andersen classic. Guess which one.

The property located at Mårkærvej 2 in Taastrup is 9,396 m2 with a facade facing Mårkærvej and around the corner. It consists of three buildings of 3,000 m2, 3,126 m2 and 3,270 m2 respectively. When we acquired the property, most of it was suitable for demolition. Run down, sad and empty for more than 10 years where it had stood unused. A hole in the roof. Rotten windows. Minimal insulation. Monotonous and boring architecture. There was virtually nothing good to say about the unfair treatment the property had received. And yet. Because an analysis showed that the basic concrete structure was solid and would last for many years to come. This gave rise to the idea of renovating, developing, and transforming the property, giving it back its belief in itself and creating its own identity. That's why we decided to drop the demolition and instead start over - with a renovation that has unfolded the property's full potential and transformed it into a commercial property that qualifies as the area's most beautiful property, and which has since been a great inspiration for several of the neighborhood's other commercial properties.

Mårkærvej 2
2630 Taastrup, Denmark



Hvedemarken 3
3520 Farum, Denmark



A whole lot of buildings. With a whole lot of finesse.

In Farum Erhvervsområde - in the central part of Farum next to Frederiksborgvej and Gammelgaardsvej - Stensdal Group owns and operates this commercial property at Hvedemarken 3, which consists of several distinctive buildings totaling 8,814 m2. The many buildings have undergone a transformation in which we have retained many original details and preserved the soul of the property, making the setting extremely inviting and pleasant to spend time in. An example of this is the property's main building, which is the address for Furesø Municipality's Job Center. Here, the combination of stylish glass frames and the original yellow brickwork behind the interview rooms creates an aesthetic and welcoming experience for everyone who enters the building.

If the word "hygge" had an origin address, it was here.

The property is located in the popular business area around Mileparken close to Ring 3 in Herlev. Here we own a total of 3,025 m2 of property, which we bought and completely refurbished in 2016 to create office space and a showroom. The commercial property has been transformed into one of the finest the area has to offer. This is where we at Stensdal Group started out as an office, so the well-known Stensdal style actually originated in this particular property. The ground floor of the property is a combined office and showroom with large open spaces and level differences that make it a unique experience as soon as you enter. Take the elevator to the top floor and the doors open to a unique arrival area with a fireplace, large open spaces, glass offices and meeting rooms, all of which create a working environment where employee well-being reaches new heights. A commercial property that in our eyes is synonymous with 'hygge'.

Lyskær 13A
2730 Herlev, Denmark



Rødovre is the flagship of our Butterfly Partnership

From the moment you approach the property, you can't help but notice it. A Stensdal property totaling 12,000 m2 with access from both Valhøjs Allé and Fjeldhammervej, which we have renovated inside and out since we took over. The commercial property is divided into several leases for both office and warehouse space, where you as a tenant will be in good company with other exciting companies. The property stands out in the street scene because a choice has been made. In front of the property, there are no lawns at green height. Instead, space has been made for flowers and bees by converting the outdoor areas into wild nature and flower meadows. This is part of our Butterfly Partnership with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, where a minimum of 20% of our open areas have been converted to promote biodiversity. In the middle of the greenery, we have even built an orangery that tenants can use as an alternative meeting room in the open air.

Valhøjs Allé 174-176
2610 Rødovre, Denmark



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