About Stensdal Group

In 1986, our journey started with an ambition to invest in real estate. That journey has evolved into our family-owned group today encompassing real estate investment, residential project development and private equity investments in companies outside the real estate industry.

Our commercial portfolio counts more than 150,000 m2 of impressive commercial leases in Greater Copenhagen for offices, showrooms, warehouses, logistics and production. Common to everything we do is that we do not invest for the short term. We believe in long-term ownership of the properties we build or renovate. Our ambitions reach far into the future, where everything is handed over to the next generation. But it also comes with responsibility. That's why we have a strong focus on energy optimization and reducing our carbon footprint, and renovating and building new with building qualities that make us proud - and our tenants safe.

It's care and consideration, but we call it the Stensdal style.

The stylish exterior is built on strong values

The Stensdal style is not only characterized by the special way we decorate our properties. It's a way we are. For more than 35 years, our mantra has been that we have a special style, just as we have a special way of being a real estate developer, characterized by a strong set of values. You meet it as a tenant, business partner and employee. That's why we are more than just a real estate developer. We are Stensdal Group.

Our properties
are not like the others.
Neither are we.

Stensdal Group

Learn more about the structure and our portfolio of wholly or partly owned companies, and see the latest key figures and annual report for Stensdal Group A/S.

Stensdal Group

Our core

Good people need to thrive here. Because that determines our success. We focus on responsible corporate governance and a healthy working environment where we respect and make room for the individual employee. A flat organization and an open, honest and safe culture means that all colleagues at Stensdal Group feel a shared responsibility - because they have it. We believe this makes us an attractive workplace for current and future colleagues.

Responsibility for a better climate.
Both inside and out.

Real estate in Denmark and worldwide has a great responsibility for resource consumption and CO2 emissions. With our portfolio of properties and homes in operation and the projects we develop, we at Stensdal Group obviously have a great responsibility to take responsibility with initiatives that promote energy efficiency in the Danish building stock and reduce our climate footprint. Transparency and an ambitious ESG effort with four strategic focus areas will ensure progress towards a reduced footprint and increased social responsibility.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Space for bees and flowers

A workplace with heart space

Partnerships for action

As good as new, or even better?

There are already many commercial properties in Denmark - in areas with good accessibility and infrastructure. Many of them can be optimized, which is a more sustainable strategy than tearing down and building new. That's why, for more than 35 years, we've made it one of our specialties to transform drab and often demolition-ready properties into shining stars in a quality that new construction can't always match. This, combined with a service that many take for granted, gives our tenants' employees extra reason to smile when they come to work.