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Even though it's work, you want it to feel like home.

Whether you're looking for commercial leases for offices, warehouses, showrooms or production, we not only offer the most attractive commercial leases in Greater Copenhagen. Here you get leases created with care, consideration and with a focus on our tenants' security.

Commercial real estate

Our commercial premises have good access and a quality level that speaks for itself.

Square meters for all sizes

Whatever your sizing needs, we have a rental to suit your needs.

Room for growing pains

No commitment when space gets tight and you move internally to a larger lease with us.

Care and consideration.
It's the Stensdal style.

You'll feel the Stensdal style when you visit our properties. We buy properties that have lived a sad life in recent years and transform them into attractive leases that stand out in the business districts. We do this with an attitude towards the choice of materials and because we believe in the long-term ownership of the properties in our portfolio.


The Stensdal style beautifies Greater Copenhagen's business districts.

This is where dreams and
ideas are shaped and materialized.

Stensdal Group forms and develops both commercial and residential rental projects. In areas where we can add value - also outside our own property.

Project development

Responsibility for a better climate.
Both inside and out.

Real estate in Denmark and worldwide has a great responsibility for resource consumption and CO2 emissions. With our portfolio of properties and homes in operation and the projects we develop, we at Stensdal Group obviously have a great responsibility to take responsibility with initiatives that promote energy efficiency in the Danish building stock and reduce our climate footprint. Transparency and an ambitious ESG effort with four strategic focus areas will ensure progress towards a reduced footprint and increased social responsibility.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Space for bees and flowers

A workplace with heart space

Partnerships for action

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