Ammendrup Park, 3200 Helsinge

Ammendrup Park - from bare field to new residential area in the southern part of Helsinge

Detached house
200.000 m²

About Ammendrup Park

In March 2020, we started the development of Ammendrup Park on the 200,000 m2 site south of Helsinge. On the hilly site surrounded by the beautiful nature of North Zealand and within easy reach of city life and everyday amenities, the ambition was to create a brand new neighborhood. A neighborhood with attractive rental housing in the form of a total of 142 terraced houses and almost 90 detached house plots in collaboration with Huscompagniet. It would take no more than three years before we realized the last of the 142 townhouses in the summer of 2023, and Ammendrup Park was now a district in operation. The interest in Elsinore's new district has been unmistakable. The last townhouse was barely finished before we were able to report full occupancy.

Due to the great interest and continued demand, we are expanding, in collaboration with HusCompagniet, with an initial 22 semi-detached houses. They are expected to be ready for occupancy in the second quarter of 2024. With the new semi-detached houses, we want to build on what Ammendrup Park as an area can already do. Namely, offering attractive single-storey houses for a broad target group in scenic surroundings at an affordable price.

A seamless green experience

The location could not be more beautiful. A hilly Ice Age landscape with protected dikes and views of the landscape as far as the eye can see. At the same time, the town of Helsinge is just around the corner, not to mention the entire North Zealand hinterland - with a national park, cultural and historical attractions and world-class museums. In addition, beautiful seaside resorts along the North Zealand coast are just a 15-minute drive away.

With hilly terrain and green views as far as the eye can see, it's easy to understand why families with children, young people and seniors have shown great interest in Ammendrup Park. Here you get both a safe cycle path to the most popular school in Helsinge, Bjørnehøjskolen, and a natural area with views of Pibe Mølle and Arresø on the horizon.

Ammendrup Park has made room for insects and butterflies, giving them plenty of space for wild habitats and breeding grounds. The conversion of approx. 15,000 m2 area for increased biodiversity is a result of Stensdal Group's butterfly partnership with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. This makes Ammendrup Park a fully integrated green experience in all respects.

The buildings and architecture

For Stensdal Group, the goal has always been to create a modern and attractive neighborhood with space for different types of housing. The townhouses are part of our property portfolio and comply with the energy requirements of BR18. As a resident of Ammendrup Park, you can enjoy energy-efficient homes with, among other things, brick facades, windows and doors with three-layer energy glass, green heating with air-to-water heat pumps, and electric charging stations in all parking areas.

Although Ammendrup Park is still being developed and added to, it is very much a finished project in operation. Now it's about building a strong community and helping to create traditions for the area's many residents. Spring 2023 marked the three-year anniversary of the groundbreaking ceremony. Project Director Peter Weyhe described the journey and development of Elsinore's new residential neighborhood.

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Brick facades and energy-efficient townhouses

The townhouses are rented out in different sizes

Terraced houses with high ceilings and great light

The wildflower meadow in the middle of Ammendrup Park

The area's nature playground was inaugurated in summer 2023

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